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Network Consolidation


As a consequence of ongoing Network consolidation, a growing number of site providers are being issued with “Notice to Quit” requests, effectively closing out the lease for the telecommunications equipment. In most cases the lease will require that the site be returned to its original pre-construction condition.

This gives rise to a growing number of cell site decommissioning projects, ranging from simple streetworks sites, to complex rooftops and large lattice tower sites.

One Network Services has experience in decommissioning and demolition and staff trained to plan, manage and undertake this work with due regard to the relevant Health and Safety legislation.

Detailed planning will ensure that safe systems of work are prepared and waste streams are identified for every element of the site to be removed. 1NS will prepare a detailed Site Waste Management Plan for each project with the aim of eliminating landfill waste.

Where required 1NS will asset register and return telecoms equipment to operators storage facilities whilst non telecoms equipment will be removed and disposed of in accordance with the Site Waste Management Plan. 

A detailed dilapidations survey will be undertaken at the completion of each sequence of works to ensure the site provider provides a final sign-off for the decommissioning works, holding the operator indemnified from future claims by the site provider.