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Drive Testing & Network Evaluation

The push for greater data speeds and network coverage is endless, and whilst the latest generation of network management systems can produce and report on an increasingly complex number of parameters, there is, and will always be, a need to carry out field measurement in verification of these statistics.

These measurements can be used to benchmark the effects of an upgrade programme delivered to a site, or a cluster of sites, to assist with optimisation of the network, or to troubleshoot potential problem areas in a network’s coverage or data throughput.

The term Drive Test is generically used to represent the real world experience that an end customer could expect to receive, and is often carried out in a car with a network drive testing tool connected through a handset or smartphone collecting data in real-time. A GPS forms part of the test equipment, so analysis can be accurately plotted onto coverage maps to show the route on which the test data was collected. These tests and measurements are also carried out on foot to check coverage in public venues such as stadiums, concert halls or even large buildings such as shopping malls; they can also be carried out on trains.

One Network Services experienced RF engineers have a wealth of Drive Testing experience, and are able to offer the following services:-

  • Drive Testing
  • Data Collection and Uploading
  • Data Post-Processing
  • Reporting services  
  • Network improvement strategies

Optimisation services, including field force work where antenna re-alignment is required

The services can be offered in a variety of work packages, from simple day rate resource supply, to a fully managed service providing all necessary equipment to undertake this vital role.